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Site Rules Empty Site Rules

on Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:03 pm


Although we're all here to enjoy ourselves, as with every site, there are rules that all members are required to follow. These range from general etiquette considerations to things specific to the chatbox or certain boards.

By posting on this site, you're bound by these rules and will be faced with the consequences should you break them. Ignorance is not an excuse and everybody will be held to the same standards.

If you break the rules, you'll receive a single warning, and if you repeat the offense, it will result in disciplinary action according to the severity of the infringement (this can range from chatbox bans, to temporary or even permanent site bans if it's a serious enough offense). Repeated offenses will result in the punishment increasing rapidly - so if you consistently break the rules, expect bans.

Global/General Site Rules

Be civil. If somebody is acting like a total turd monkey towards you, by all means call them out on it, but if they continue then please call staff to handle it instead of turning into a total shit show.

Be respectful. Though we all know the saying "Respect is not given; it is earned", that doesn't mean you should treat others like dirt until they've earned your respect. Respect goes both ways. This also includes members and staff treating each other with respect. Let people give you a reason to hate them before you do so publicly.

Watch your language! Kind of. Given the demographic and all that jazz, nobody is going to ban you for dropping some swear words every now and then. It's a different story if you're name-calling, of course, but unless every other word you type is profane, we aren't going to care all that much. Just don't be a dick about it and you'll be fine.

Only advertise in the designated places. If you're PMing a bunch of people, or spamming the boards, or advertising in the chatbox, you'll get a swift kick in the rear. Don't do that crap, seriously.

Avoid the usual problem subjects as much as possible. Keep the controversial madness confined to the proper areas in the forums and out of the chatbox, AND out of discord. We're all here for some RP, not for Facebook Flame WarsTM. This is not a debate class.

Posting Etiquette

Don't make your posts so fancy that it's obnoxious. Maintain a decent font size and colors that aren't difficult to see (PLEASE stay away from yellow), and if you must use a fancy template, make sure that it's not super narrow or doesn't stretch the board.

Use proper spelling/grammar as often as possible. We have no issues with people whose grammar and spelling aren't super amazing (the world doesn’t revolve around English), but avoid intentional misspellings and grammar atrocities in normal posts. We don't care if you include things like that for comedic purposes (like "git gud" and other things of that nature), but if all you do is type like that, you'll find yourself unable to post at all. Also, please don't overuse emojis. Please.

Keep avatars and signatures decent sizes. The avatar maximum is 200px, but there are no size limitations for signatures beyond "don't make them so huge that they cover half of the screen or stretch the board". That said, while it's easy to gauge the proper width, keep signature images from getting too tall. If you WANT to put a lot in your signature, use spoilers. ABUSE spoilers, even.

Plagiarism won't be tolerated. We shouldn't have to say this, but don't plagiarize content. All RP content aside from quotes should be your own writing. If quotations are used, please provide the source (even a link will suffice). Three strikes and you're out.

Chatbox & Discord Etiquette

Don't flood or spam the chat. While it's fine if you type in fragments (most of us do it at least from time to time), avoid posting several lines of one or two word chunks if you're trying to convey a longer idea. And don't spam emotes just because you're bored or something. Note that the "." often used to bump oneself out of the away section is completely fine. Everybody does that. It's more or less a staple of chatbox activity. The same general rules from the site carry over to Discord, we’re a little more relaxed on how you choose to communicate. Meme away, friends.
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Site Rules Empty Re: Site Rules

on Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:25 pm

Roleplaying Rules & Etiquette

Before you dive into roleplaying on this site, be sure to read through this guide -- it's not simply a how-to for roleplaying in general, but rather a breakdown of how things work, what to expect, and what you can and cannot do. Even if you're a seasoned roleplayer, I recommend at least skimming this section.


You should never:

  • Force a hit or state that you hit an opponent with any move/technique. They will decide if they get hit.
  • Evade every single attack if it's not reasonable for you to do so. It's not always fun to lose, but nor is it fun if your opponent magically avoids everything thrown at them. If it's not feasible for you to be able to avoid an attack, then don't.
  • Outline the actions of another person. While it's expected for you to exploit another's oversight or mistakes if the thread allows for it, you can never control an opponent's actions. However, failure to be specific is not a solid defense. (Example: You're fighting indoor and say that your character jumps to max height, but your character's max jump height exceeds the dimensions of the room. Your opponent realizes this and describes your character's collision with the ceiling. In this case, your opponent has the advantage.)

Always establish and follow a clear posting order where possible. This helps to prevent confusion with the order of events. It's fine for the occasional shift in order if needed (such as a character is unconscious or somebody wants to put in a post before going on hiatus, etc), but if it's not necessary, don't post out of the established order. In most cases, this is the order by which people entered the topic, but it can also be discussed beforehand and specified in the opening post.

You are given 72 hours to post your reply to avoid holding up the other members.

Unless you give a prior warning / acceptable reason for not posting (usually in the form of a hiatus notice), failing to post within 72 hours will allow others to post ahead of you. In a combat situation, this allows your opponent to get an automatic hit, which could result in death if serious enough, so be sure to maintain communication and post as early as you're able.

With regards to combat, we encourage you to always tell the person you are fighting when you cannot post within the time limit. Most people are fine with waiting longer than the 72 hours, but your opponent may be pressed for time or already have a post prepared. With that in mind, focus always on telling the person you are fighting when you can’t post in time - do NOT just message an admin or moderator (via any platform) to tell them to pause the fight because of your circumstances. They are not sitting at their computers 24/7. Be responsible for your own predicament. If you cannot tell your opponent then contact an administrator or mod always through PM.


There are no set limits on the amount of topics you can participate in. But be aware that participating in more threads than you can handle does not excuse you from the 72 hour rule, and if you post a notice for a long-term absence and are going to hold up a lot of threads, you will either be forcibly removed or others will be allowed to skip you regardless.


It's preferred that you write all in-character posts in third person. Journal entries, dialogue, and monologues are exempt, of course. Although it's not a hard rule, first person writing can be awkward.

Additionally, we would prefer if you strive to reach a minimum of roughly 250-300 words per post. Posts that are slightly below that are fine, but we discourage one-liners. You don't need to fluff your posts, but substance is always appreciated. There is no punishment for not meeting this rule, and it's more of a courtesy to provide your RP partner(s) with enough to respond to. On that same note, if your RP partner gives you a lot to work with, do your best to respond to everything that warrants it.

In combat, it's common to write short posts due to the increased pacing of the action, but provide as much information as you can and as is necessary.

Some things to keep in mind for combat:

If you're countering an opponent at close range and then trying to perform two actions afterwards, you're probably stepping into godmod territory as the opponent HAS to have a chance to react to ALL of your actions as long as they aren't prevented from doing so by previously established restrictions. Even if you want to set up a course of action to prepare for your opponent's actions, it's best if you simply leave your post at your last action and then react once you know what your opponent is doing. Treat it like a turn-based game rather than real-time strategy.

Do not use equipment, items, techniques, abilities, etc, that your character does not officially possess. Though this should be obvious, unless your character has something listed in their case file prior to beginning the thread, don't use it. This also means you shouldn't roleplay as though you have something while waiting for it to be approved.

While it is not necessary to include every single detail of your abilities in prose, please use spoilers at the bottom of your post (as an Out-of-Character note) to describe the ability as necessary. This is so that there is a record of the actions you're taking, and ties into the previous rule. Failure to properly describe the technique's visual aspects is not grounds for an auto-hit. If your opponent doesn't have a clear picture of what their character should be seeing, they will be unable to react properly.

Cross-reference your reply and your opponent's post to be sure your reactions make sense. It doesn't hurt to read over your opponent's post a few times to make sure you understand it well, because if you make a mistake and miss something, your opponent isn't required to let you fix it. Getting upset with somebody for taking advantage of your oversight is just called being salty, and unless you have a logical reason as to why you should be allowed to make corrections (your opponent didn't describe things properly, for example), staff won't help you. So make sure you read and have things clarified if you're uncertain BEFORE these things happen.


If you were not invited to participate, they don't want you there, and it doesn't make sense in-character for you to be there, please avoid encroaching on topics that are marked as Private or Closed. However, unless specified, all threads are considered open for all to join.


When injured in combat, the severity of the wound determines the length and requirements of the healing process.

Minor injuries, such as cuts, scrapes, minor burns, or any other injuries that can heal without aid don’t require any special healing process. You can simply move onto your next RP topic without problems, as those injuries usually only take a few days to completely heal and aren’t typically felt beyond a day later. More serious injuries - ones that would require some form of medical attention, such as slightly more severe burns (something on the level of a sunburn) - take slightly longer to heal, but short of some dull pain, your next thread(s) can occur without further action.

When a wound requires medical attention, it takes longer to heal and the effects are more noticeable. Unless you’re absent from RP for a while and thus can assume that the healing process occurred (as long as the threads you participate in don’t happen within a week of the one where the injury happened in terms of your character’s timeline), it’s expected that the character not partake in any sort of strenuous activity until the injury has healed. You don’t need to write “healing threads”, but it should be noted that these injuries will persist in your threads for a reasonable amount of time. While we won’t be policing this for more common injuries, there will be questions if your character broke several ribs and you’re rushing into a fight immediately. This is especially true when the injuries require surgery - it’s not logical for your character to have a very deep wound and then the next day challenge somebody to a sparring match.

Under most (99%) circumstances, characters should not be regenerating body parts, recovering lost organs, or see any kind of healing from typically irreparable damage. The only time it is acceptable is quirks that have this ability approved at creation. It is possible to receive prosthetic limb replacements, but keep in mind that the loss of a limb can affect your ability to use your quirk to its fullest.

Lastly, and most obviously, you cannot be brought back from death. If your character dies, you will be permitted to transfer 50% of your current EXP to your new character to give you a boost. This must be done when creating your new character and cannot be transferred once you've started roleplaying with the new character, so make sure to do that as soon as possible.
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